ICM - The Final I

Sharing 360 visual images today is as easy as finding a wifi connection to logg to, or a starbucks to have coffee in. Creating and imersing  yourself is a little bit harder and requires some more knowledge, like finding legit tacos in NYC.

Discussing how much it is that we live in a visual society is an over-analized subject. Yet when you want to share stories, when you want people from affar to be a part of your experience images is always the easiest, you can provide a reference that is easy to analize for anything that is absolutely strage and hard to explain.

But so is sound. Or at least this is what I think. When we see a new space, we have a reference of how it is asthetically different, but not really about how it provides a different experience. Yet sound is what transports you, what makes you go from one place to another, and even much so when it sorrounds you.

With this in mind I want to create a webpage where I can share with everyone far away from my reality the feeling of how it is standing in the middle of say, the 36th AV N/W station and looking around, if you look away from the train what do you listen to? If you look towards the stairs, can you distinguish the sound of the cars playing reggetaon down in the street?

For this I want to use the pixel camera tracking and control sound using the sound library.

I would also need to make 4 different track recordings in order to be activated depending on what the camera tracks the possition of the user is.

Some reference: