2. When you set yourself to make pancakes and end up having french-toast

To be completly honest I procrastinated on this project for as long as I could because I was TERRIFIED of the power tools: too much noise, too much chance to blow a finger away. So by the time I summoned up enough courage I needed a miracle to come up with an idea and enough materials to be able to create within two days. And my big miracle came in round beautiful shapes.

But what to do with them? A fast search through pinterest inspiration boards reminded me of a project meant to re-use wine bottles that I had been wanting to try for a really long time, and given the holidays are comming, doing 5 hand made gifts seemed just like the perfect plan.

So Spade bits, drills and press drill were used, clamps were devised in order to paste three wooden circles together. And the first pancake was tryed out

Yet this pancake was not satisfactory enough in order to keep on trying. So after using several tools and materials..

....I advetured onto looking for another repitable object to make, so after drilling some wholes in a remaining circle.

The pancake became french-toast, which -get ready- in order to be repeated required the construction of a personalized jig:

Now this project deserves a toast: CHEERS!