Some stories untold

If this blog hasn't protrayed it enough, ICM has been my hardest subject so far...BUT I refuse being defeated. Yet amidst fullfiling my quest I forgot to post two important stories:

The next step in the story of the Silly flies
The story of my team work

Silly flies_Beta

This I conciously avoided posting on in an attempt of making me keep on working on it until I got it right and fell proud enough for it to be posted. Just as an update to the entry that refers to it. I did assisted Office hours and was able to improve two parts of the sketch:

1. The transforming background

2. The shape of the waves

Am I sattisfied? No...the drawing still looks stiff, artificial, and quite clumsy to my taste. So it is still a "To do" task. Go check it out here

The second I just forgot about in the rush of working in team. Our final product was a crazy circle stravaganza that was birth from the collaboration of a project Pan my teamate had started and what has been my favorite sketch so far this one I liked so much I re-used it for the synthesis project