The Un-Presentation card

According to this site more than 27 billion business cards are produced each day. How many of them do you think are kept?

At least as far as I'm concerned once I've connected with the person who gave me their card I will eventually toss it (or keep it in the black hole that is that-little-drawer-you-never-open). I know there are some cultures that take the business card giving very seriously (japanese will recieve and give the cards in the most ceremonious way),


But, lets face it, overall it is an object in desuse. Nevertheless, and in the interest of completing my final Visual Communication assigment to absolute satisfaction I set myself to come up with an alternative that would still follow the indications given: "Design a business card for yourself or your business. Consider typography and layout carefully ... bring 17 actual-size, physical cards to distribute to the class. Card size is 3.5″ x 2″, unless there is a good argument for a different size or format."

So first things first...a little research:

  • That same site talking about the 27 million cards had some interesting non paper alternatives.
  • Apparently there is a lot of people looking to create business cards that are more usefull. Most of them listed here.
  • Then there is people who really gave some thought to their stand out cards. In this list there is even an example that makes reference to the japanese ceremony I was talking about before.

So this inspirational research made me realize that whatever I was developing had to be: Fun, Important and Inspiring. Brain storming from this rendered the need to:

Create a business card that would help my contacts find me on the W W W but also find each other or point people towards important, inspiring or interesting spaces in the real world, even their own businesses.

And the web where all this craziness will find a place would be kept within my own website towards which my card will point to.

Thinking about the graphic image I decided that the mascot for this system would be a Chanekeh:

"Chanekhs are legendary creatures in Mexican folklore. They are conceived of as small, sprite-like beings, elemental forces and guardians of nature."

So, people recieving my card would actually recieve a 2D Chanek that they can stick anywhere they want and then mark in a collective map for anyone to look up. This will mean that also my social and professional network will become visible.

After some drawing and play-doh molding I came around with the final image of my chaneke. Hence I proceded to design the card, the site and habilitate it.

Lets see what the users make of it